Who are we in the public imagination? (Carolyn Sargent)

When we present ourselves as medical anthropologists, some of us have been asked:

  • do you study dead people?
  • do you study bones?
  • what is a medical anthropologist?
  • what is an anthropologist?
  • and…what?!

In the comments section, let us know how you explain what you do, how this varies by audience, and if you have experienced “mistaken identity”.

More seriously, I hope that on this blog we can exchange thoughts about “what is at the core of medical anthropology?”

  • Overlapping theoretical concepts?  Shared methodologies?  And does it matter if we have a shared identity or definition of the field?
  • If you have an inclination to rewrite the “What is medical anthropology” statement on this website, please post your new version.

I look forward to comments, and please note the theme song I have selected from my favorite Malian vocalist, Oumou Sangare, entitled  “You Can’t Please Everyone….”

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