Society for Applied Anthropology: WelfareReform Policy and Health Disparities 

David Rozen would like to organize a SMA session at the next Society for Applied Anthropology meeting in 2016  at Vancouver on the topic of welfare policy reforms and health disparities.  The session will proceed from the premise that all branches of learning are  so interwoven  as to be inseparable.  Yet, only a few explanatory theories  are needed for a shared reality.  The philosopher and physicist David Deustch  (The Fabric of Reality, 1997) reports we have achieved a theory of everything  composed of  the strands of theoretical physics,evolution, and computer science.  However, the current state of anthropology is not unified and can be described as a potpourri of subjective, interpretive solipsisms.  Most of these interpretations of human events and experiences are entirely reasonable, yet cannot be subjected to verification procedures.   Yet, many concerned anthropologists have studied social inequality  and proffered reasoned observations as to why welfare reform is linked to health disparities.  Therefore, this panel session is soliciting scientists, scholars, and activists who would have an interest in putting together a session on this issue.   Please contact David J.Rozen for more information   email-