“So You Want Your Research in the New York Times?” Round Table at the AAAs

This roundtable examines the role of health news in society and the interplay between anthropologists, the media, and broader audiences. Speakers will contribute to an engaged discussion on developing media interest, creating medical anthropological segments for public radio and news outlets, and understanding the ethical challenges and responsibilities of medical anthropologists to accuracy, inclusion, transparency, and accountability in the face of superficial soundbites and fake news. The conversation will engage medical anthropologists’ own experiences and challenges to promoting their work to the public, as well as provide tips and resources for anthropologists interested in having their research read by broader publics. The roundtable will seek to answer: How do I pitch my research to the media and non-anthropologists? How can I collaborate with journalists and editors so that the nuances of my ethnographic research aren’t reduced to just a soundbite? How can I clearly articulate anthropological theory and methods for a more public audience? What is the role of ethnographic storytelling? How can we better leverage various media formats to impact public health and clinical medicine? Taken together, the roundtable contributes to a timely conversation on bringing anthropological knowledge to inform public policy on critical issues in health.