Request for Roundtable: AES Meetings

Arianna Huhn and EJ Sobo are organizing a roundtable for the upcoming AES meetings in San Diego (3/12-14) regarding the offline implications of online life. The roundtable will explore howthe internet in general and social media in particular transform the culturally patterned ways that we think, feel, consume, and behave IRL or in real life. Tom Beollstorff will be discussant or principal panelist.

Huhn and Sobo seek participants who will come prepared to deliver a short (6-8 minute), research-based statement that contributes to answering how offline lives have been transformed or are affected by living in the digital age (digital communities and virtual lives themselves are not the focal point). As an example, their own work examines how social media is entailed in pediatric vaccine decision making. The remainder of the session will be devoted to open dialogue among panel members and with the audience to seek out commonalities for developing a theoretical framework for understanding the implications of digital life in non-digital spaces. Panelists with research-based experience regarding the IRL implications of digital life will each provide short (6-8 minute) statements regarding key issues, and our Principal Panelist will draw things together. A lively discussion will follow.

A preliminary summary abstract for the roundtable and further information is available at

If you are interested in participating, please contact Ari and EJ ( no later than Wednesday 1/21 (or, really, no later than6 am on the 22nd) with:

1) an indication of your interest and expertise
2) a few sentences regarding the focal point of your 6-8 minute statement.

For more information on the conference itself, go to: