Call for Engagement: Pop-up Zika Interest Group

SMA has been working on a ‘rapid response’ mechanism so that we can mobilize quickly in regard to medical anthropological issues of public or grave concern. One way to do this is through PIGs, or *Pop-up Interest Groups*, which would complement our vibrant SIGs (Special Interest Groups) by offering a networking mode with a limited life-span and immediate focus.

We are still working out the PIG mechanism, but *in light of the emergent Zika situation we would like to launch an early trial run.* A Zika-focused pop-up interest group — a Zika PIG — would provide an arena for interested parties to network and organize regarding Zika prevention, health services for affected mothers and infants, abortion-related issues, environmental toxins introduced ostensibly for mosquito eradication, conspiracy theorizing, and so on.

*If you would like to be part of a pop-up Zika interest group, please send your name and email address to Elise Trott ( <>)*. If you are willing to take a leadership role in this pilot PIG, please let us know (the PIG cannot fly without volunteer leaders).

Our SIG coordinator, Cathleen Willging, will get back to you within 2 weeks as we get things off the ground. We’ll evaluate the effort after 6 weeks or so, to see whether the mechanism is viable and beneficial.

Again, our initial Zika SIG administrator is *Elise Trott*; to participate, please email Elise at