National Hispanic Science Network 14th Annual International Conference

National Hispanic Science Network 14th Annual International Conference

September 3-September 6, 2014
The University of Texas at El Paso
“Resiliency and Neuroplasticity Among Vulnerable Populations – Towards a Synchrony of Disciplines”


The theme of the conference will be ” Resiliency and Neuroplasticity Among Vulnerable Populations – Towards a Synchrony of Disciplines” and will be led by Co-Chairs, Dr. Edward Castañeda, Dr. Sergio Aguiar-Gaxiola and Dr. Patricia Molina. Panels are currently being developed to explore 1) the interplay between HIV infection and use of addictive substances, 2) stress and developmental factors that enhance sensitivity to alcohol and drug abuse and addiction, 3) use of health information technology to improve quality and reduce health care disparities among underserved communities, 4) the role of mixed heritage across racial groups (i.e.:, genetic markers of admixture) in the epidemiology of substance abuse and addiction. The conference planning committee is striving to achieve a wonderful texture of different underrepresented minority workgroups showcasing common issues. We are also creating an ecological continuum across disciplines, characterized by a strong presence of neuroscience research about resiliency, as well as panels that have cross-disciplinary representation including neuroscience.


To register, please visit: A limited number of competitive travel awards will be available. Preference will be given to graduate students and early career scientists presenting their work at the conference and to individuals with evidence of matching institutional support. Only those already NHSN members at the time of registration will be considered for travel awards. Only those who have completed the registration and submitted the early bird registration fee prior to July 15th will be considered eligible for the limited Travel Awards.