Job: IHP Traveling Faculty – Health & Community

International Honors Program

Health and Community: Globalization, Culture, and Care
Job Announcement: Traveling Faculty
Location: Global
Type: One Full-time 6 month contract for Spring 2015

The International Honors Program (IHP), a program of World Learning/SIT, offers international, comparative study abroad programs. We are currently seeking one traveling faculty member to join an interdisciplinary team of faculty, fellows, and host-country coordinators for IHP’s Health and Community: Globalization, Culture, and Care programs in Spring 2015. The four-month program will take 32 students from top-tier U.S. colleges and universities to four countries to do inter-disciplinary study from a comparative perspective.

Confirmed itinerary:
• Spring 2015 # 2 (January 4 to April 26, 2015): New Orleans, Buenos Aires, Bushbuckridge (SA) and Hanoi

More information can be found at:

The Health and Community program is designed for students who wish to study the complex issues of health, community, and globalization from a comparative perspective. Our students come from diverse backgrounds, and many are working towards careers in global/public health, biomedicine, alternative medicine, international and community development, and medical anthropology/sociology. The Health and Community program is comprised of two formal courses led by traveling faculty that are integrated with a field-based program. Each country’s field-based program is comprised of: Two formal courses led by local in-country faculty; homestays with local families; guest lectures by local academics, politicians and policy makers; site visits and meetings with NGOs, neighborhood organizations and community activists. IHP’s experiential learning model is grounded in critical inquiry and analysis, but attempts to bring those skills to bear on particular places and themes. It also helps students learn how to interact with a variety of local actors representing different and competing visions of health, well-being, and community, and to situate claims-making in contexts of unequal access to wealth, resources, globalization, and cultural/political representation.

We are seeking one traveling faculty member who will facilitate learning and teach the two following classes:

• Health Culture and Community (a seminar-style course based in medical anthropology or a related field)
• Introduction to Community Health Research Methods (a critical community-based research class co-taught with local country coordinators; including participatory methods, qualitative and quantitative methods and interdisciplinary approaches)

Required Experience:
Required Experience:

The ideal candidates should have: a) expertise in the topic areas listed above and general knowledge of history and social theory; b) experience teaching at the college level and commitment to experiential learning, including non-didactic methods that promote critical thinking and field-based research, discussion, and self-reflection; c) research and practical experience related to urban development outside the U.S. and Europe, preferably in one of the countries in the program; d) the physical stamina, emotional maturity, mental health, and personal qualities—patience, adaptability, collegiality, cross-cultural competence, and organization—needed to build an intensive, team-oriented study abroad program that covers four countries in three months; f) the ability and desire to support and communicate with students throughout the study abroad experience both in and outside of the classroom.

Required Education:
Required Education:

The ideal candidates should have a Ph.D. (or clinical degree/MPH equivalent) in a related field, such as medical anthropology, biological science, sociology, epidemiology or public health/policy, with experience living and working abroad

Additional Comments:

More information about IHP and the Health and Community program (including past syllabi, itineraries, etc.) is available through our website:

To apply: Please visit the World Learning employment website and apply via the online application system by uploading in one .pdf file:
1. Your letter of interest
2. Curriculum Vitae
3. Contact information of three academic references

Traveling with students for four months, and guiding their learning and field research in global cities and rural spaces, as well as conducting classroom discussions and small-group seminars, presents unique challenges and demands particular qualities. Please consider this carefully in your letter of interest, paying special attention to how you would handle the conceptual, pedagogical, intercultural and interpersonal demands of a program like IHP’s Health and Community. What in your academic background and work experience has prepared you to do this job? Why this job instead of a more traditional academic job? How has your teaching experience prepared you to be intellectually nimble and practically flexible? Please indicate your preference for a single fall or spring semester, or your interest in a yearlong appointment.

Deadline: open until filled.