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Addiction Research Foundation

Photo of Addiction Research Foundation
addiction Contact: Addiction Research Foundation Home 4126 Autumn Lane, Birmingham Alabama 35243 USA Work Phone: (844) 970-4110 Website: Addiction Research Foundation

Kathrine L Barnes

No Photo Available
MS, MPH Marshfield Clinic Research FoundationNational Farm Medicine Center Work 1000 N Oak Ave ML-1 Marshfield WI 54449 United States of America Work Phone: 715-221-7150

Dr Dori Michelle Beeler

Photo of Dr Dori Michelle Beeler
Medical Anthropologist Durham UniversityCentre for Medical Humanities
Research Interests

Dori came to Durham University in 2010 as a postgraduate student. Her research interests and goals were solidified in 2012 when she became familiar with the Centre for Medical Humanities. Since then, her interests have expanded tremendously to include: health and illness, medical ethics, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, boundary work, biopolitics, phenomenology, the body and ethnography. Dori received an MA in Socio-Cultural Anthropology and a PhD in Medical Anthropology at Durham University. Her PhD research involves Complementary and Alternative Medicine, with an emphasis on the ethnographic study of Reiki practice within Britain and the intersection between spiritual practice and well-being.

Heidi Bludau

No Photo Available
Lecturer, Applied Anthropology Monmouth UniversityHistory and Anthropology
Research Interests

Dr. Bludau’s research concerns the global market for healthcare workers, focusing on  professional identity of nurses. Her dissertation, “Searching for Respect: Czech Nurses in the Global Economy,” examined the motivating and mitigating factors that create a migration flow from the Czech Republic to other countries including the UK and Saudi Arabia. Her current research expands this work to consider the different ways that nurses develop and maintain professional identity.

Dr. Sean Bruna

Photo of Dr. Sean Bruna
Assistant Professor Western Washington UniversityAnthropology Work Western Washington University Department of Anthropology; Arntzen Hall 315 516 High Street Bellingham WA 98225 United States Work Phone: (360) 650-2290 Work Fax: (360) 650-7668 Website: Academic Website
Research Interests

I am a medical anthropologist and use mixed-methods research to examine the intersections of identity and chronic disease, with a focus on diabetes in American Indian communities. I have training in team science, inter/transdisciplinary research, comparative effectiveness research (CER), and community based participatory research (CBPR) in frontier and urban settings.

Dr. Mara H Buchbinder

Photo of Dr. Mara H Buchbinder
Assistant Professor UNC Chapel HillSocial Medicine Work 333 S. Columbia Street MacNider 341A CB 7240 Chapel Hill NC 27599 USA Work Phone: 9198436881
Research Interests

Mara Buchbinder, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor of Social Medicine and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Anthropology at UNC – Chapel Hill, as well as core faculty in the UNC Center for Bioethics. Dr. Buchbinder’s research explores the sociocultural and ethical dimensions of clinical encounters in the United States, with a particular focus on the role of language in medicine.  Her recent work is framed by an interest in how laws and policies impinge on intimate clinical relationships in their efforts to govern morally complex healthcare practices at the beginnings and ends of life. She was selected for a Greenwall Faculty Scholars Award (2015-2018), a career development award which enables junior faculty to carry out innovative bioethics research.

Nicola Louise Bulled

Photo of Nicola Louise Bulled
Assistant Teaching Professor Worcester Polytechnic InstituteInterdisciplinary Global Studies Division Home 62 Beeching Street Worcester MA 01602 USA Work Worcester Polytechnic Institute 100 Institute Road Worcester MA 01609 USA Website: Nicola Bulled Academia.edu

Walter Callaghan

Photo of Walter Callaghan
PhD student, Medical Anthropology University of TorontoDepartment of Anthropology
Research Interests

Research Interests: post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), mental health, gendered identity, military masculinity, stigma, moral injury, subjective experience, memoro-politics

Megan A. Carney

Photo of Megan A. Carney
Lecturer & Visiting Scholar University of Washington & Arizona State UniversityAnthropology Website: https://washington.academia.edu/MeganCarney
Research Interests

Megan A. Carney is a sociocultural and critical medical anthropologist specializing in gendered migration, migrant health, food insecurity, mental health, and immigration policy. She conducts research with Latin@ immigrants in the Western US, and with North African and Middle Eastern immigrants in southern Italy. She is currently a lecturer at the University of Washington and a Visiting Scholar at Arizona State University. She holds a PhD in anthropology from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Lauren Carruth

No Photo Available
Assistant Professor American UniversitySchool of International Service Work 4400 Massachusetts Ave NW Washington District of Columbia 20016

Amy Cooper

Photo of Amy Cooper
Assistant Professor of Anthropology Saint Louis UniversitySociology & Anthropology Website: http://amycooper.net
Research Interests

public health, psychiatry/mental health, homelessness, aging, ADHD, medical citizenship, urban Latin America, urban US

Lindsay Cortright

Photo of Lindsay Cortright
Graduate Research Assistant East Carolina UniversityDepartment of Anthropology Cell Phone: 252-531-8836
Research Interests

Currently, I am working towards my master’s in anthropology at East Carolina University. My thesis topic is long-term care planning behaviors among elderly women, examining the mental and emotional processes behind health planning and decision-making that impact elderly women’s long-term health and well-being, under the supervision of Dr. Holly Mathews. My graduate research assistantship is split between the Department of Anthropology and the Department of Public Health, developing and honing qualitative and quantitative research methods and design, interviewing and survey administration, data organization, qualitative and quantitative data analysis, analytic writing, and data visualization skills.

While working towards my bachelor’s in cultural anthropology, I focused my study on theories of culture, religion, health, psychology, and developing excellent research and writing skills, rather than focusing on a particular geographic area. My current research interests include women’s health, mental health, public health and health disparities, religion, and gerontology. Throughout my academic career, I have written research papers on Shamanism in East Asian traditions, Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Autism, and Exorcism and Healing: Possession Trance and Women in the Islamic World. I have also conducted two pilot field studies under the supervision of Dr. Christine Avenarius on aging women in eastern North Carolina, including health beliefs and factors affecting long-term care planning and preferences.

My aim is to partner with researchers who share my goal of using a holistic, ethnographic approach to behavioral research that will improve health outcomes in local communities and ultimately work towards eliminating ethnic and racial health disparities across the US.
Email: lmcortright@gmail.com
Phone: 252-531-8836

Johanna Tayloe Crane

No Photo Available
Assistant Professor of Science, Technology, and Society and Global Studies University of Washington – BothellSchool of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences Home School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences Box 358530, 18115 Campus Way NE Bothell WA 98011-8246 USA Website: faculty home page

Dr. Britt Dahlberg

No Photo Available
Director, Center for Applied History Chemical Heritage FoundationInstitute for Research

Tazin Karim Daniels

Photo of Tazin Karim Daniels
Doctoral Candidate Michigan State UniversityAnthropology Website: tazindaniels.com
Research Interests

Taz Karim is a doctoral candidate in the Medical Anthropology program at Michigan State University. She is interested in pharmaceutical culture, mental health, and performance enhancement in the United States. Her research is an ethnographic exploration of the social life of prescription stimulants, namely Adderall, as they are prescribed, exchanged, and repurposed as “study drugs” on a large U.S. campus.  It was funded through a grant from the Wenner Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research. She currently serves as chair of the Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco Study Group (ADTSG), a special interest group of the Society for Medical Anthropology.

Dr Jason A DeCaro

Photo of Dr Jason A DeCaro
Associate Professor University of AlabamaAnthropology Work University of Alabama Department of Anthropology Box 870210 Tuscaloosa AL 35487 USA Work Phone: 205-348-9061 Website: Faculty Profile Website: Developmental Ecology and Human Biology Lab
Research Interests

Biocultural medical anthropologist with interests in human developmental ecology and neuroanthropology. I study the intersection of cultural models, everyday practices, and human physiology in the production of differential well-being across the lifecourse, especially but not exclusively focusing on children.

Motivating questions include:

  • How do the routines and practices of everyday life within key developmental contexts (e.g., families) interact with culture and social structure to shift disease risk?
  • What are the mediators of stress in the daily lives of individuals?
  • What determines individual and group differences in the response to common challenges, whether normative (like entry into a new school year), chronic (like persistent childhood adversity), or traumatic (like a natural or man-made disaster)?

Major current research projects concern pathways among food insecurity, nutritional status, social status and differential well-being in the United States, Central America and East Africa; the role of daily routines and cultural models in patterns of physical activity among older adults with osteoarthritis; and psychobiological moderation of school adjustment in children. More information about currently active research projects is available here.

My Developmental Ecology and Human Biology Lab is a biological anthropology wet lab providing a center for biocultural research involving immunological, endocrine, nutritional, and other biological markers. Physiological responses can be used as a “lens” onto the impact of everyday experience. Biomarkers allow Anthropologists to consider the socialization of physiological aspects of arousal and the social contexts of physical health.

Selected publications are available for download at ResearchGate.


2015 Hadley C, DeCaro JA. Does moderate iron deficiency protect against childhood illness? A test of the optimal iron hypothesis in Tanzania. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 157(4):675-679. View the abstract. Full text pdf available upon request.
2015 Weaver LJ, Worthman CM, DeCaro JA, Madhu SV. The signs of stress: Embodiments of biosocial stress among type 2 diabetic women in New Delhi, India. Social Science & Medicine 131:122-130. View the abstract. Full text pdf available upon request.
2014 DeCaro JA. Review of Syndemic Suffering: Social Distress, Depression, and Diabetes among Mexican Immigrant Women, by Emily Mendenhall. American Journal of Human Biology 26(4):575-576. Link to the review. Full text pdf available upon request.
2014 Hadley C, DeCaro JA. Testing hypothesized predictors of immune activation in Tanzanian infants and children: community, household, caretaker and child effects. American Journal of Human Biology 26(4):523-529. View the abstract. Full text pdf available upon request.
2012 Buzney CD, DeCaro JA. Explanatory models of female pubertal timing: Discordances between cultural models of maturation and the recollection and interpretation of personal developmental experiences. Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry 36(4):601-620. View the abstract. Full text pdf available upon request.
2012 DeCaro JA, DeCaro E, and Ashley DH. Investigating the social ecology of daily experience using computerized structured diaries: physical activity among Mexican-American young adults. Field Methods 24(3):328-347. View the abstract. Full text pdf available upon request.
2011 DeCaro JA, Worthman CM. Changing family routines at kindergarten entry predict biomarkers of parental stress. International Journal of Behavioral Development 35(5):441-448. View the abstract. Full text pdf available upon request.
2010 DeCaro JA, DeCaro E, and Worthman CM. Sex differences in child nutritional and immunological status 5-9 years post contact in fringe highland Papua New Guinea. American Journal of Human Biology 22(5):657-666. View the abstract. Full text pdf available upon request.
2008 DeCaro JA and Worthman CM. Culture and the socialization of child cardiovascular regulation at school entry in the US. American Journal of Human Biology 20(5):572-583. View the abstract. Full text pdf available upon request.
2008 DeCaro JA and Worthman CM. Return to school accompanied by changing associations between family ecology and cortisol. Developmental Psychobiology 50(2):183-195. View the abstract. Full text pdf available upon request.
2008 DeCaro JA. Methodological considerations in the use of salivary α-amylase as a stress marker in field research. American Journal of Human Biology 20(5):617-619. View the abstract. Full text pdf available upon request.
2007 DeCaro JA and Worthman CM. Cultural models, parent behavior, and young child experience in working American families. Parenting: Science and Practice 7(2):177-203. View the abstract. Full text pdf available upon request.



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