Call for Submissions for 2018 SMA Prizes

SMA’s Executive Board is pleased to announce that the 2018 Prize Season is now openHere is a link to the general SMA prize webpage. Established scholars, undergraduates, and graduate students qualify for various different competitions.

Below the text of this notice (as well as via the link above) you will find a full list of this year’s competitions and links to the prize-specific web pages detailing qualifying criteria and submission instructions as well as providing you with contact information for each prize’s individual chairperson. Note that several of SMA’s prizes rotate (by even or odd years, for example); if you don’t see a particular prize listed below, you should see it next year.

All Board Prize winners will be announced at the SMA awards ceremony during the 2018 AAA Annual meetings in San Jose, CA.

Note that JULY 1 is the universal deadline for SMA prize submissions, with the exception of Student Travel Awards (due September 24) and various prizes given by SMA Special Interest Groups (SIGS) — which oversee their own awards.

Please help us disseminate this announcement far and wide, and remember: the prize committees look forward to hearing from you!