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  • Adolescent Health

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  • Centre for Child-Focused Anthropological Research, Brunel University
  • The Center for Children and Childhood Studies at Rutgers-Camden
  • Childhood Studies at Case Western Reserve University
  • Institute of Education Childhood Research and Policy Centre (CRPC), University of London
  • Adolescent & School Health, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
    The Division of Adolescent and School Health (DASH) seeks to prevent the most serious health risk behaviors among children, adolescents and young adults. DASH implements four components: Identify and Monitor; Synthesize and Apply Research; Enable Constituents; and Evaluate.
  • Adolescent Health Transition Project
    The Adolescent Health Transition Project is designed to help smooth the transition from pediatric to adult health care for adolescents with special health care needs. This site is a resource for information, materials, and links to other people with an interest in health transition issues.
  • Centre for Adolescent Health, University of Melbourne
    The Centre for Adolescent Health aims to improve the health and well-being of young people from 10 - 24 years of age through the provision of clinical services, community programs, education and training, health promotional programs in settings relevant for young people, and research into health risk behaviours and factors which protect young people from harm.
  • The National Adolescent Health Information Center (NAHIC), University of California, San Francisco
    The overall goal of NAHIC is to improve the health of adolescents by serving as a national resource for adolescent health information and research and to assure the integration, synthesis, coordination and dissemination of adolescent health-related information.
  • YouthNet, Family Health International (FHI)
    YouthNet is a global program to improve reproductive health and prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS among people 10 to 24 years old. Most importantly, it is a collaboration with the young people whose lives it is designed to improve. But it also includes the energy, insight, and experience of parents, schoolteachers, employers, policymakers, the media, health professionals, nongovernmental organizations, religious and community leaders, and other youth networks.

publications & reports

  • State of World Population 2006
    A Passage to Hope: Women and International Migration
  • Journal of Adolescent Health
    The Journal of Adolescent Health is a multidisciplinary journal devoted to the unique health care problems of the adolescent. Each issue contains original articles, brief scientific reports, analytic subject reviews and case reports. The journal also features an annotated bibliography of current publications in the literature.