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  • Connect with an international community of medical anthropologists. Join our new Medical Anthropology Global Directory.
  • Recommended Resources: Recommended Resource: Recent Dissertations in the Medical Humanities, compiled by Jonathon Erlen, Health Sciences Library System, University of Pittsburgh;, global data on HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, and more from the Kaiser Family Foundation.
  • Our film database is up! Send us your suggestions for films related to medical anthropology . . .
  • Call for syllabi: If you run a course with significant anthropological content for students at undergraduate or graduate/postgraduate level, you are invited to contribute details of the syllabus and readings to the SMA's archive of academic resources. Please submit your contribution to the webmaster - Visit the syllabi archive.
  • is designed to provide students, faculty and others interested in learning about health policy easy access to the latest data, research, analysis, and developments in health policy. This site includes narrated slide tutorials, background reference libraries, and issue modules on current topics and policy debates.
  • Anthrosource: An online portal to full text anthropological resources, AnthroSource will offer AAA members access to AAA journals, newsletters, bulletins, and monographs; a linked, searchable database containing past, present, and future AAA periodicals; centralized access to a wealth of other key anthropological resources, including text, sound, and video; and interactive services to foster communities of interest and practice throughout the discipline.
  • Institute of Medicine of the National Academies - Read reports on health issues, post to bulletin boards, find out about events of interest, and more . . .
  • The Social Medicine Portal, a project developed by faculty members of the Department of Family and Social Medicine of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, contains over a hundred links to websites, documents and presentations devoted to Social Medicine.

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