The SMA as a whole is involved in several annual prizes.

Even Years

  • Career Awards: Career Achievement, MASA Mentoring
  • Publication Prizes: Basker Book, Hughes Graduate Student Paper, Polgar MAQ paper

Odd years

  • Career Awards: Foster Practicing, MASA Mentoring
  • Publication Prizes: Basker Book, New Millennium Book, Rivers Undergraduate Paper, Polgar MAQ paper, MASA Dissertation

Career Awards

  • The Career Achievement Award honors an individual who has advanced the field of medical anthropology through career-long contributions to theory or method, and who has been successful in communicating the relevance of medical anthropology to broader publics. Candidates for this award should be senior scholars, typically those who are retiring, or have achieved emeritus status, or have passed the age of 65.
    • Deadline: July 1
    • Awarded in even numbered years
  • The George Foster Practicing Medical Anthropology Award, first given in 2005, recognizes those who have made significant contributions to applying theory and methods in medical anthropology (particularly in diverse contexts), to multidisciplinary audiences and with some impact on policy.
    • Deadline: July 1
    • Awarded in odd numbered years
  • The MASA Graduate Student Mentoring Award recognizes excellence in graduate student mentorship, and is aimed at senior or mid-career scholars who have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to teaching and mentorship throughout their careers, particularly those who have taken the time to successfully guide their MA and PhD students through field work and the thesis or dissertation writing process.
    • Deadline: July 1
    • Awarded every year

Book and Dissertation Prizes

  • The Eileen Basker Memorial Prize – The Basker Prize is awarded for a significant contribution to excellence in research on gender and health by scholars from any discipline or nation, for a specific book, article, film or exceptional PhD thesis produced within the preceding three years.
    • Deadline: July 1
    • Awarded Every Year
  • The New Millennium Book Award, first given in 2006, recognizes an author whose work is judged to be the most significant and potentially influential contribution to medical anthropology in recent years. Books of exceptional courage and potential impact beyond the field are given special consideration. Solo-authored (or coauthored) books published or copyrighted in the past 3 years are eligible.
    • Deadline: July 1
    • Awarded in odd numbered years
  • The MASA Dissertation Award is given to the author of a dissertation that is judged to be a significant and potentially influential contribution to medical anthropology. Dissertations are judged on the basis of: (1) scope and excellence of scholarship, including ethnographic research; (2) originality of subject matter; (3) effectiveness and persuasiveness of arguments; and (4) writing quality. Dissertation research of exceptional courage and difficulty is given special consideration.
    • Deadline: July 1
    • Awarded in odd numbered years
  • The Charles Hughes Graduate Student Paper Prize is given for the best paper in medical anthropology written by a graduate student, and the WHR Rivers Undergraduate Student Paper Prize is awarded for the best paper written by an undergraduate student.
    • Deadline for each: July 1
    • Hughes awarded in even numbered years
    • Rivers awarded in odd numbered years
  • The Steven Polgar Professional Paper Prize is awarded to a medical anthropologist for the best paper published in the SMA’s journal Medical Anthropology Quarterly (MAQ) during the most recent complete volume year, and carries a $500 cash award. No nominations are needed, as articles published in MAQ by eligible recipients are automatically considered.

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Other medical anthropology awards

Other open competitions

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