AAA Workshop: That Almost Finished Journal Article

Workshop: That Almost Finished Journal Article (3-0245)
Thursday, November 17
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Minneapolis Convention Center, Room: 205D

Are you sitting on the third draft of a paper you haven’t gotten around to submitting? Stuck changing a conference presentation or dissertation chapter into a publishable article? Avoiding revising an article for resubmission because the reviewers’ comments were daunting? Do you have questions about peer review and editorial processes? Designed for junior professors and advanced graduate students (ABD), this all-day, hands-on workshop provides the guidelines and feedback you need to finish your revisions and submit that article for peer review. The workshop facilitator will lead you through analyzing components of your draft article, checking that you have: hooked readers at the beginning, balanced the structure of the article, provided signposts and transitions guiding readers through your argument, linked data logically to analysis, written a solid conclusion and accurate abstract, and taken other steps to increase the likelihood that your paper will be accepted for publication. The facilitator demystifies the peer review process, discusses strategies for steady publication, and provides checklists for manuscript preparation. Bring 2 double-spaced print copies of a draft manuscript you are planning to submit or resubmit to a journal. The first page should include your current abstract, total word count, name of the journal planned for submission, and maximum words permitted by that journal. Bringing a laptop is also recommended. For more information, contact the facilitator, Dr. Jaida Samudra (, a medical anthropologist with over fifteen years experience editing journal articles and scholarly books in the social sciences. Anthropologists from any subfield welcome.